These conditions are only applicable to groups

and special events.

Booking confirmation:

  • To confirm a booking it’s necessary to send a pre-payment of 7,00€ per guest, which will be discounted on the final bill

  • The occupancy of the dining area is determined by the opening hours, for the extension of them please consult with our comercial department.

Booking cancellation:

  • If the booking is cancelled with at least 5 days prior, the pre-payment will be returned.

  • In case the cancellation happens in less than 5 days in advance the pre-payment will not be returned.

Changes on a booking:

  • Less than 5 days prior to the booking we accept a 10% decrease on the number of guests, after that we will keep the percentatge of the pre-payment (7€ per person after the 10%) .

  • In the case of an increase of the number of guests over 10% 5 days prior to the booking, we can’t confirm the availability of space or menu, although we will try to allocate if posible.

Service specifications:

  • The menus have a specific duration and the drinks included only apply to this period, any drinks served before or after mentioned service will be charged separately.

  • All the products consumed have to be provided by the restaurant or and authorized company.

  • The decoration of the restaurant can’t be modified without the previous authorization, if you require a special decoration or equipment please contact our comercial department.

Payment method:

  • We only accept one full payment, bill divisions are only applicable to 8 guests or less.

  • The payment methods available are cash, credit card or bank transfer (in that case 5 days in advance).

  • If you need an invoice please indicate us the billing data and an adress.

If you have any doubt please contact

our comercial department.