These conditions are only applicable to groups
and to reservations with special requests.

Formalization of reservation:

  • To confirm a group reservation, a prepayment of € 7.00 must be made per guest for pay and signal, amount deducted from the total amount of the invoice.
  • The use of the sauce is determined by the service, if you want to extend the schedule, consult conditions with the commercial department.

Cancellation of reservation:

  • If the reservation is canceled at least 5 days in advance, the restaurant will pay the full amount of the payment made in the form of payment and signal.
  • In case of cancellation in a term inferior to 5, the payment made will not be reimbursed.

Modifications reserve:

  • Missing less than 5 days for the indicated date, variations above +/- 10% of those attending are not accepted.
  • In case you increase the number of diners over 10% we can not guarantee the availability of places or menu.

Service specifications:

  • The menus have a certain duration and only include the drinks specified in the same during the service of this, the consumptions that use before and after the aforementioned service will have to be paid aside.
  • All the products that are consumed in the establishment must be provided by the authorized restaurant or company.
  • The image of the establishment can not be modified. You need prior acceptance of the restaurant if you want to put any type of decoration or you want to perform any action in it.

Payment method:

  • A single payment must be made, there are no account divisions or payments separately for groups of more than 8 people.
  • The accepted forms of payment are in cash or by credit card, the transfers will only be admitted if they are realized with 5 days in advance.
  • If you want a detailed invoice, they must indicate the billing information and the address where they wish to be sent.

If you have any questions please contact us
with our commercial department.